Kerry Nicholson

I was always intrigued by the way that artists could paint water or paint the reflection of a column in a marble floor. I wanted to be able to emulate great artists and to be able to portray my feelings on canvas. To be able to capture that moment , or to give the viewer that feeling of sorrow when they see the desperation in the young mother face, to make the viewer cry along with the old man as though they too are a part of the scene, or to simply create a feeling of happiness or nostalgia when the viewer sees the old weather-beaten shack with the jacaranda and the neglected garden, this is why I paint.

I started painting on the kitchen table at home when I was very young and I was praised for it and so I kept it up. It was that simple. My parents gave me a set of watercolour tablets that included some unusual colours like gold and silver and I made good use of them at every chance that I could get. I would paint gold carriages with ornate silver candle holders parked on purple and blue grass drawn by blue and white horses. My parents didn’t know if I should be patted on the back for a good effort or taken off to see a doctor for an obvious mental issue. I did persevere however and with practice, you get better. Soon I was copying photographs and magazine illustrations and I was learning what worked and what didn’t. I found landscapes easy by portraits of people or animals quite difficult but again I persevered and got much better.

I was not a great student, however, I did manage to get my paintings into the school magazine and I also got the job of painting any signs or banners used for advertising for such occasions as school fetes and I would always paint a Dagwood dog with dripping tomato sauce or a rosy red toffee apple etc., to suit the sign.

Malcolm Nicholson


My desire in life is to be a traveller, experiencer, sightseer,observer and a servant. I despise injustice especially injustice born out of bigotry or a lack of effort to gain greater understanding. I also see no sense in the bosses versus the worker's mentality. As far as I can see it time should be spent ensuring the success of one leads to the success of the other.

 I love to seek knowledge of how we attain our highest purpose. This finds me formulating opinions and theories also it draws me towards the arts. I find writing my opinions down in as accurate a way as my abilities allow placates my desire for emancipation. Another part of me loves the abandon of channelled poetry which in turn inspires ideas for murals.

To achieve a feeling of quiet release from the anxieties of existence I come closest with a loaded paintbrush in my hand. I find it entirely satisfying when I find the sweet spot as the flow of paint glides seamlessly from a brush that is cooperating with both my own well-being and the substrate ( Yes I am aware of what that sounds like but never the less it is a reality for me.).

Part of my formative nurturing that could be seen to be at odds with my more socially orientated traits is a streak of entrepreneurial pursuit. I have little interest in materialism in fact I seem to enjoy roughing it or sitting under a tree and a tendency towards an off-grid lifestyle. The achievement of a commercial project never the less is somehow satisfying to me. Maybe I just love the project, maybe something in me likes to prove to itself that choosing the social path of humanity was not an excuse born out of the inability to be successful in a capitalist environment. Probably it is just that entrepreneurial pursuits bought me freedom as a child along with a taste of financial success.

I find this leaves me in a privileged position of seeing the worth of both activists and entrepreneurs. To be able to fuel my personal art with the heart and sympathies of an activist is fulfilling. At the same time complementing that with a level of artistic endeavour that serves both the business community and the greater community in a fair and responsible manner is likewise fulfilling.

Jack Nicholson

Hello, my names Jack Nicholson and I work as the Nicholson Art Company’s designer and marketing specialist, as well as that I'm a design student studying for a bachelor in Graphic design and marketing. When writing this about myself I thought what would best convey who I am, and now after some reflection, I believe that I have the perfect way of telling you. So without further ado I’d like to share with you who I am by telling you about what truly inspires me in life.

The first of my inspirations is my dad the above Kerry Nicholson, let me tell you a little bit about him from my perspective. Kerry is a traditional artist who worked as an artist for the likes of companies such as Warner Brothers, Universal, and Disney painting huge murals for advertisements back in the day. All that’s super impressive, however, what is most inspiring of all to me is his courage. The courage to know what he wanted in life, and work towards that, in 1999 I was born and my father Kerry Nicholson left his jobs and started freelancing doing competitions, fine art and mural competitions.

My second inspiration is an artist by the name of Mike Winkelman. Mike Winkelmann's unwavering dedication is present through rain and shine, sickness and health, music videos,advertising work and two children. To continue posting one of these daily renders for what is now over 10 years shows how deserving Mike Winkelmann’s status of a CGI superstar is.

My Third inspiration is the artist Vasjen Katro. Vasjen is the mega-successful graphic designer responsible for the Baugasm project and other works of art you may recognise such as the 2018 Illustrator CC loading screen. Vasjen is a creative and marketing genius. Through his clever use of loose abstract elements as well as his eye for colour he has brought abstract design into the forefront of marketing. This is evident by his new MAC and Coke ad campaigns.

In short, I am the sum of my inspiration, I am inspired by three great men my dad the courageous, Mike Winkelmann the dedicated, and Vasjen Katro the creative. Thank you for joining me on this journey.